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White Bean Soup

A cool weather soup that can be dressed down for a weeknight meal, or made from scratch for a weekend-in. Ingredients 1 Lg White Onion, diced 2 Carrots, diced or shredded 2 Celery stalk, diced, leaves retained and minced 1C (250g) Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay 1lb (450g) Northern White Beans, brined (instructions included) or 2 (14oz) tins 3qt(3L) Chicken or Vegetable Broth 2Tbps (30g) Kosher Salt Black Pepper Italian Seasoning 1 Bunch Flat Leaf Parsley, minced 4 bone-in skin-on Chicken Thighs (optional) Brine 4qt(4L) Water 3Tbps (45g) Kosher Salt Steps If using fresh beans, 4-8 hours before cooking, or overnight, heat 4qts of water and 3Tbps of salt. Stir to dissolve. Add beans and allow to sit at room temperature. If using chicken, in a large heavy bottomed pot over medium heat, sear the chicken skin side down, covered, until chicken reaches 150F. Remove from pot, let rest, debone, and chop. In the same pot over high heat, saute onions, carrots, and celery. Seas

Chicken Thighs with Roasted Vegetable

This is probably one of the easiest dishes we make. And its always rewarding. The tomatoes give the sauce a nice brightness and the beets lend a beautiful hue. Equally perfect for a weeknight meal, fridge clean out, or dinner party. Ingredients 6 Bone-in, Skin-on thighs 12 Cherry tomatoes 2 Beets, peeled and cubed 4 Yellow Potatoes, diced 4 Large Carrots, diced Lg White Onion, diced 8 Brussels Spouts, halved Poultry Spice 2 Parts Kosher Salt 2 Parts Paprika 2 Parts Onion Powder 2 Parts Garlic Powder 2 Parts Italian Seasoning 1 Part MSG (Yes, that msg. Accent works great) 1 Part Cayenne Pepper 1 Part White Ground Pepper This is your secret chicken seasoning. Put it in the cupboard. Use it liberally on skin-on thighs, whole chickens, etc… Rub down with olive oil, coat inside and out. Set aside. Steps Preheat the oven to 450F (conv roast) and start chopping your veggies. We use quartered yellow potatoes, halved brussels sprouts, chopped yellow onion, carrot,