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2022.20.12.News You Should Know

Most of the Information Security community has fled Twitter in favor of a Mastodon instance Infosec.Exchange Mastodon is a federated replacement for Twitter and has balloned from 100k user to over 2.5m users since Musk’s takeover of the Twitter platform. As most vendors, businesses, consultants, and infosec personalities made the move to Mastodon, so has the public zeitgeist of up-to-date security news and disclosures. To keep tabs, you can check out the public feeds CTI and ThreatIntel (These tags do not require an account to view.) Video Game maker’s Epic have been hit by the FTC with a $500m fine for violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and for utilizing “dark patterns” in their user interfaces. Dark patterns intentionally trick users into spending money or prevent the cancelling of services to persist revenue streams for the company. This marks the first significant enforcement of COPPA by the FTC. Cloudflare and GoDaddy have acknowledged INC-549277