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2023.10.17.News You Should Know

CDW investigating ransomware gang claims of data theft ( - #Ransomware #ThreatActor - CDW acknowledges breach of a subsidiary of a division of a business area. Threat actors miffed over $1m offer after $80m demand. HTTP/2 ‘Rapid Reset’ zero-day exploited in biggest DDoS yet • The Register - #Research #ThreatActor - Largest ever DDoS…from smallest ever botnet? 20k bots (multitudes smaller than previous botnets) were able to abuse HTTP/2 streaming to request hundreds of assets from a server over a single TCP stream (a feature of HTTP/2) then cancel those request midstream and request a hundred assets again. Which doesn’t count toward the max request limit. The only theoretical limit to this attack is target bandwidth. US Navy sailor admits to selling military secrets to China • The Register - #politics #InsiderThreat - Navy sailor admits to selling information to Chinese handler, for $14.8k. This comes after another Chinese American Navy sailor was arrested in San Di