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2023.03.21.News You Should Know

Silicon Valley Bank collapsed this month causing credit ratings of major banks to drop and another to fail. While a multitude of information about this is available we find it most interesting because threat actors are using the collapse as pretext for scam emails. These emails are sent to trusted third-party businesses asking for updates to the accounts payable or EFT details to threat actor controlled accounts. E.g.; “Our SVB account isn’t good anymore please use Threat Actor National Savings and Loan account 12345” Breach forums owner “pompompurin” is arrested, turns out to be 19yo Conor Fitzpatrick of Peekskill New York. Breach really made an impact after the rise and fall of RaidForums last year (when Raid caught the attention of the Fed after members breached Infraguard- the FBI/Civilian information sharing group) While BreachForums was still active, another admin, “baphomet”, found that after the arrest, "pompompurin"s account was continuously used to access ser