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French Baguette

French Baguette Lovingly hand-crafted baguettes make a perfect crouton, garlic bread, or banh mi roll. Although this may seem like a lot of work for a “simple” bread recipe, the longer proofing time allows for a rich deep flavor to develop as the yeast works its magic. Perfect for dipping in seasoned olive oil, spreading with fresh cultured butter, or slicing in for a wonderful Banh Mi sandwich using the left over Char Siu Pork .

Pork Meatballs in Spicy Tomato Sauce

Pork Meatballs in Spicy Tomato Sauce These fast and easy pork meatballs are a great make ahead dinner for weeknights, or serving guests. Hailey and I love Italian food. It's full of thick meaty goodness, accented with punches of bright fresh herbs and vegetables. Whether its a chili week night bundled up with Netflix or a fancy dinner party with friends and coworkers, we know homemade pasta, a spicy tomato sauce and these delicious meatballs are sure to be a crowd pleaser.  

Char Siu Pork

Char Siu Pork This delicious baked and broiled pork takes an inexpensive cut to the next level. Perfect for a weeknight dinner or after work guests.

Statement Regarding Intel Bug

I am at a loss for words. As the reality of the Intel bug settles in, the tech community has been shaken. For years we have falsely assumed the security of virtualization technologies. The convenience and ease of ‘spinning up’ and ‘blowing away’ vms (virtual machines) in server farms has become standard practice across the globe. Even McAfee Media Solutions utilizes virtualization to manage our web and vpn servers; helping us reduce costs and insure greater up times. However, with the introduction of today’s security patches, we have learned a terrible lesson. Not only are virtual servers on Intel systems insecure, the only fix may cause literal crippling reductions in speed. Some independent testing is reporting as high as a 20-30% reduction in speeds. And this doesn’t just affect servers. Users of any Intel chipsets produced in the last decade will be effected. This includes any Apple laptop, desktop, or server produced since 2005, all Intel based Windows systems, and all Inte

Pork Lasagna Recipe

Pork Lasagna Taking lasagna from the restaurant to the kitchen table. Sausage: 2 lbs Country Pork ribs (boneless, sliced) 1 Tbs Parsley 1 Tbs Salt 1 tsp Garlic powder 1 tsp Onion powder 1 tsp Black pepper 2 tsp Italian seasonings 1 tsp Red pepper flakes Meat Filling: 1 1/2 Onion, diced 1 Lg Carrot, qtr moons 1 Lg Yellow Bell Pepper, diced 2 Lg Garlic cloves, minced 8oz Dry Red wine 1 1/2 Tbs Tomato Paste 2lbs Italian Pork Sausage 28 oz Tomatoes, crushed S&P Cheese Filling: 24 oz Ricotta 6 oz Parmasean 1 block Mozzerella, shredded 1 egg S&P Assembly: Roll your own or use one box Barilla Lasagne, Oven Ready no.399’s 3 C grated mozerella 1 C grated parmesean Instructions: Cube and grind pork through smallest mince die. Include all necessary ingredients in bowl, mix. Preheat oven to 375F. Heat a large cast iron dutch oven to medium high heat. Saute pork mince in sections, 1/4lb at a time. Using slotted spoon, rem

Undersecretary of State Goldstein Recommends VPNs to Iranians Amidst FBI Criminalization of Anonymity Tools.

As bloody protests continue in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iranian officials have blocked internet access to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media websites. Amid the protests, the US Undersecretary of State Steven Goldstein has voiced concern over the behavior of Iranian officials and encouraged Iran to stop limiting external access to the countries users. “They are legitimate avenues for communication,” Goldstein said. “People in Iran should be able to access those sites.” Iranians seeking to evade the blocks can use virtual private networks, Goldstein said. Known as VPNs, the services create encrypted data “tunnels” between computers and are used in many countries to access overseas websites blocked by the local government. This comes as a surprise to many anti-surveillance advocates, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation had successfully lobbied for warrantless government hacking of computer systems anonymized with VPNs under the controversial "Rule 41"